As the Managing Director of ART, Simon Walton is changing the Australian cattle industry. Drawing from his extensive 20 years’ experience in Human In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) techniques and centre management and an academic grounding in the agricultural science field, specialising in artificial reproductive technology, Simon identified that production outcomes in cattle could be significantly increased through the amalgamation of the disciplines.


Simon commenced his career in Human IVF working out of the world leading fertility clinic Sydney IVF. Despite being the youngest embryologist on the team, Simon’s aptitude to “trouble-shoot” embryological services was quickly recognised and lead to the outsourcing of his skills across the globe.
As a multi-disciplinary human and animal reproduction professional, Simon has developed unique methods of assisted reproduction that are applicable and adjustable to the market demands. Simon is a regular presenter at key conferences and runs industry tours and educational events. Working as an international IVF consultant since the age of 25, Simon has garnered a wealth of experience spanning a diverse culture base including Asia, North America, Australasia, Europe and Middle East.

Drawing upon his skills, Simon was the first embryologist to own a Human IVF centre in Australia. Established in 2000, the Central Queensland Fertility Clinic was renowned for its high success rate, which was evidenced through the established client base across National and international borders. Located in the Beef Capital of Australia, Simon innovatively recognised the potential to transpose his skills and knowledge to advance cattle reproduction. Forming Australian Reproductive Technologies (ART) in 2007, Simon built from the ground up the first commercial IVF technology establishment for the cattle industry in Queensland.

Passionate about assisted reproductive technology, cattle and success, Simon has extended his scope of work from commercial projects to building a sustainable environment. Simon’s interest in endangered species conservation has involved working in recovery programs for native Australian animals such as the northern hairy nose wombat and bridled nail tail wallaby.

As an innovator in the field, Simon’s forward thinking determination has culminated into creating an enviable project team that provide a full compliment of services in reproductive technology.


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